The Team

The production will consist of 2 professional camera crews for the filming, along with a professional photographer to capture still images of the film in production.  The behind the scenes making of the film will be shared in real time through social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook along with daily blog updates as we travel along the coast in November 2011.

Brandon SuttonBrandon Sutton – Creator & Executive Producer
In the Summer of 2010, Brandon organized a volunteer expedition to the Gulf coast where he and a small team documented the oil spill’s impact on local coastal communities. That project, Spirit of the Gulf Coast, opened his eyes to the seriousness of the impact on people who live in the region, and he was inspired to continue following these developing stories despite the waning national attention on the issue. The project caught the eye of Kim and Ian from IS Foundation where he was introduced to Devon and Devin – two kids committed to making a difference in the oil spill aftermath. That meeting combined their collective passion to share some of the untold human stories of this disaster with kids and families around the world.

DevonDevon Haas – Founder of Kids Army Worldwide
Devon found her voice through the IS Foundation and spearheaded the self-organized ‘Kids Army’, which connects tens of thousands of kids around the world together for environmental and social justice issues that matter most to kids today. With a worldwide twitter following of 27,500 (and counting) Devon is inspiring kids around the world to educate themselves, take action and be heard.

DevinDevin Beach – Head of Kids Army Texas
Devin got involved with the Kids Army because it gave him a voice and the ability to reach out to other kids about issues that were important to him and our earth.  In Devin’s words, ‘I hope that soon we can start focusing on making our planet a better place. That should always be what comes first. Our planet, Earth.’ A few of his passions are finding new ways to help our environment as well as writing, singing, art, and making short films.

Adam DukesAdam Dukes – Director/Producer
Adam expresses his passion through his work as a Writer, Director and Film Producer. He is currently creating a variety of projects including short films, a feature length documentary, commercials, and music videos. Most recently, his work as Director of Bread was awarded Best US Narrative short at the 2011 Rome International Film Festival, he won Best Director at the 24 Hour Film Race for the short film, Revolution, and his television pilot for The Know Better Effect was awarded Honorable Mention at the Cynopsis Kids !magination Awards in NYC. Adam’s work is defined by his love for film making and storytelling and he has established himself in the film and video community as a burgeoning Writer and Director.


All those involved in this film know that kids are the real change makers in their communities and believe  strongly that  the media they consume should be representative of their great potential.